2016 Wedding Trends

//2016 Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding Trends

Out With the Old, And In With the New: Top Wedding Trends for 2016

Getting married this year and want your wedding to have the latest styles and trends? Look no further! Here are the top five wedding trends for 2016! Get ready ladies, you may need to rethink some of your decor elements!

  1. In the Spotlight:Wedding Design

Low candlelight’s, glimmering twinkle lights, and shimmering chandeliers are all the rave this year. While romance is the heart of every wedding, every bride wants to capture her special day by creating an ambience that will cause every guest to get bitten by the love bug.

  1. Metallic Everywhere:

Glitter please?!? Every bride wants to sparkle the day of her wedding. Why not incorporate the glitz into the décor around the reception hall? From Wedding Invitations to linens and ball gowns, there will definitely be a glimpse of metallic in this year’s top weddings.

  1. Circle, Circle, Square, Square:

The round tables filling the banquet halls are becoming a thing of the past this year. Depending on the venue’s space and the amount of guests attending, mixing up the table styles is something that is hitting the charts this year. From rectangle to square to various sizes of round tables, mixing up the seating arrangements is a fun way to add unique character to your wedding reception.

  1. Unique Table Arrangements:

Since tables are getting a face-lift, it’s only natural that the accessories get swapped out as well! Mixing and matching centerpiece décor is the newest design element of 2016.  From floral variation arrangements to wooden boxed centerpieces, couples are using a custom design that displays their exquisite taste.

  1. From Classy to Scandalous:

When you go dress shopping, think elegant and sexy. Open back dresses from 2015 are staying around, but are getting introduced to a new friend with low plunging necklines, exposed shoulders, and sheer dresses. Yes, sheer dresses! This year’s brides are becoming adventurous with their bridal gowns by leaving no place for the imagination. Get ready grooms, those boudoir shoots just came to life! But don’t worry my classy brides; the princess ball gown is (and forever will be) a bridal classic!


I am so excited to see all the latest trends at our upcoming weddings this year! Are you incorporating other top trends of 2016 in your wedding day? Send us an email! We’d love to see how you are making your event truly yours!