5 Cost-Effective Ways To Stock The Bar At Your Wedding

//5 Cost-Effective Ways To Stock The Bar At Your Wedding

5 Cost-Effective Ways To Stock The Bar At Your Wedding

5 Cost-Effective Ways To Stock The Bar At Your Wedding

Any wedding guest knows that after the “I Do’s” comes a well thought out meal and maybe a cocktail or two. So where do you draw the line? How much alcohol should you plan on serving your guests and at what expense?

I know that the budget is a touchy subject. I know to never overstep this vital piece with all my brides because it means pulling from something else in their personal life. However many brides will get discouraged by seeing a large quote from the caterer and many times it is the alcohol that is the issue. If the budget is low, a dry wedding may be the best option. However, there are many ways around a complete alcohol free wedding.

  1. Cash Bar – this may not seem to thrilling for your guests, but people will pay for the booze if you are begging for some moves! Many guests associate alcohol with a wedding reception. Therefore they have planned their night accordingly. They may not drink as much, but they still won’t be disappointed when it comes time for the dance off!
  2. The After Party – Sometimes we just don’t want the party to stop. If you are having your reception in a hotel, most likely there is a bar inside. Invite guests to join you in the hotel bar for the after party. You can rent it out and pay for a round for everyone or just let your guests create their own tab!
  3. Sorry, Bars Closed – An open bar may be what you are looking for, but it may not be in the budget the entire reception. You can coordinate with your catering manager to have them open the bar during certain hours of the night. For example, have an open bar during cocktail hour and dinner. Once dinner is over switch it to cash only. People will be ready to drink, so they will continue without your wallet crying all night.
  4. Beer and Wine Only – Just because you are limiting the types you are serving, doesn’t mean people won’t enjoy it. Pretty much everyone you know likes either beer or wine, so why not just pick two of each and party all night!
  5. Signature Cocktails – I always recommend having a signature cocktail. Whether budget is an issue or not! Why? Because they are fun and can display a personal touch of you and your fiancé. You can customize the name or choose your favorite drink and call them “His” and “Hers”. These always make a great conversation. You can serve them during cocktail hour only, reception only, or until it runs out!

There are ways around paying your entire week’s earnings on your guests’ alcohol intake. You’ve just got to get creative! What about you? What is the name of your signature cocktail? Tell us all about it in the comment section below! Have more questions on this topic? Shoot us an email – we’d love to hear what you think.

– Until next time, Happy Planning!