A Rainy Wedding Day

//A Rainy Wedding Day

A Rainy Wedding Day

It’s the first weekend of April, which can mean two things: 1. April Showers and 2. Wedding Day Ruined!  Now before we jump the gun, let’s get our facts straight. April is the beginning of wedding season. Spring has officially arrived; so outdoor venues are ready to celebrate with you! However, not all of them are prepared for a rainy wedding day. In Virginia, there is no telling what the forecast might call for next, but as a planner, we have to stay on top of Mother Nature. So are you getting married in April outdoors? What will your plan B be if the sun doesn’t decide on making its appearance during your ceremony? Here are 5 easy steps that you can coordinate with your wedding planner to ensure that mother nature does not cause you any stress on your wedding day!

  1. Wedding Ceremony Plan B

Every venue should have an outdoor space Plan B, but unfortunately not all of them have the indoor space for one. Ask your venue coordinator if there is a Plan B on site for inclement weather. If not, work with your local rental company to have a tent on stand-by in case of weather. The venue coordinator wants every moment at their site to be nothing less than perfect in your eyes. So if you want to chance the weather, ask them to leave the seats and if the rain decides to take a break long enough for you to swap your vows, get them to wipe the seats off for your guests so they aren’t sitting in a puddle.



  1. Umbrellas

If you see the forecast as a minor chance to rain during the time you say, “I Do”, don’t let it get you down! Think of it as an element of your décor. Find matching umbrellas for your Bridal Party. It’ll make adorable pictures and your guests will love them!

  1. Be Decisive

We had one wedding where it kept fluctuating back and forth between 80% and 30% chance of rain during the ceremony hour. Yes, welcome to Virginia! I wanted to have plenty of time to have the ceremony set up prior to the wedding’s start time, so I always plan ahead. As your planner should, set a time frame before the wedding to determine the final location of your ceremony. If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding – put your foot down and let it pour! Have your umbrella ready and put that waterproof mascara on! Your guests may laugh at the rain and worry about their new pumps sinking in the mud, but your smile will be brighter than any sunlight that could’ve shined that day. I always get leave a two hour gap for a ceremony location to be finalized due to inclement weather.

  1. Embrace the Down Pour

Let’s sit back and think this one over. The most important part of the day is the fact that you will be married to the love of your life! Who cares what the weather does or does not do! In fact, the old wives tale says, “It is good luck to have it rain on your wedding day.” Embrace that! Remember that this moment is shared with your lifelong best friend – this will bring stories to the table even after your grandkids get married!

  1. Trust Your Vendors

You’ve hired professionals that are aware of the weather conditions in that area. Each professional knows how to handle Mother Nature’s patterns at each venue in the area. Although your photographer may not want their camera to get wet; they have been keeping tabs on the weather forecast way more frequently than you have. Besides, an overcast sky creates beautiful pictures. The photographer knows your shot-list and will be sure to capture the picture with even more character than before!


Beach wedding in the rain

Not to make it a cliché or anything, but let’s face it – your wedding will truly be unforgettable. I have done many weddings in my career, but the ones that
stand out the most are the rainy day weddings. Not because of the rain, but because I witnessed two people declare their love to one another while the rain poured.  Just remember, the rain will pass and the party will go on! Have fun and enjoy these April showers.