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An After-Reception Party – Should I have one?

There is nothing worse than the feeling at the end of the night when your wedding planner tells you that your luggage is packed for your honeymoon and your last song is about to be played. The party that you spent the past year and half spending countless hours planning every last detail is coming to a close and you barely feel like you have taken one breath! So, the question that every couple is asking us – Should I have an after party?

While sitting in our planning sessions, I always tell my couples to plan what they want. If you want to pay the wedding venue for the reception time frame without adding another hour to the room rental and the bar tab, then invite your guests to the hotel lounge or your favorite local bar for an after party. The after party does not have to be on your tab; however, let your guests know that ahead of time. Also, inform the location of the large crowd so they can be prepared!

On the flip side, remember your overall daily activities. Hair and make up starting in the morning, maintaining the schedule, entertaining your bridal party, pictures all day, the list can go on and on. Once the end of the reception hits, you may be too exhausted for an after party. Your guests will understand that you are ready to go to your hotel suite or even that you have a plane to catch!

Either way, your guests will enjoy spending time with you all evening through the night or just until the reception ends. Bottom line, they are there to spend time with you and your new spouse! Party as long as you’d like with or without the guests; just remember to enjoy your wedding day!