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Truly Yours Social Event Planning

When it comes to social events, we remained focused on your specific style. At Truly Yours we believe that social events can be just as visually stimulating and enaging as any corporate events or large wedding. Just because it is intimate does not mean your event has to lack creativity or originality. We specialize in finding the perfect balance between you, your needs, and your guest’s entertainment level, and will we work with you to create the perfect event. We begin by focusing on the event, theme, and location in order to create a perfect rep in on the priorities and parameters of your event. We then work directly with you to plan, design, and coordinate the event around your specific needs. We focus on every detail and manage it up until you have to kick the guests out. Whether you are thinking of a super-sweet-sixteen for your son or daughter, a special anniversary or a milestone birthday, we can help. We have partnerships with many local vendors who offer superior service and an unlimited possibility of creative ideas for all types of parties. Not the mention the experience of producing them to assure a fabulous affair every time.   [tt_vector_box icon=”fa-calendar” size=”fa-4x” color=”red” link_to_page=”/contact” target=”” description=””]

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