Exit Your Wedding In Style

//Exit Your Wedding In Style

Exit Your Wedding In Style

While going through all of the wedding planning details, make sure you don’t forget about the way you will end the best night of your life! As a bride or groom, the most dreaded moment of the evening is when the DJ announces the end of the reception. So, when your wedding planner approaches you, knowing there is a vehicle there for your send-off is very important. Don’t worry, there is no need to panic! Below is a list of the most popular wedding get-away cars and how to ensure they are ready for you when the final song is played.

1. Limousine – While spending the best day of your life celebrating the love between you and your sweetie, why not take that final piece of the budget and put it towards a luxurious limousine. Your wedding planner can connect you with the most qualified fleet in town for your limousine get-away car with one simple phone call.
2. Horse Drawn Carriage – Are you getting married on a plantation or during the winter months? Ask your wedding planner for the local horse and carriage company for a horse drawn carriage ride. This will not only make beautiful pictures, but will keep the romance going all the way to your plantation cottage.
3. Roll’s Royce – Whether your wedding trend is vintage or modern, making a grand exit in a roll’s Royce will have your guests talking for days! Get your wedding planner to tie a “Just Married” banner on the back of the vehicle for cute drive-off pictures.
4. Your Own Vehicle – Yes, the other vehicles seem more flattering, but sometimes the budget just isn’t there. Your bridal party will have a blast decorating your car! Plus, you can always have someone drive you away while you sit in the back seat snuggled close to your new spouse. Using your own vehicle is an excellent choice for those that are looking to drive to their honeymoon destination that night.
5. Classic Truck – Does your grandpa proudly own a classic pick up truck? Ask him if you can use it as your get-away car from your rustic wedding. You and your new husband will look darling in the pick-up while sporting your boots and bridal attire!
6. Party Bus – Don’t want the party to stop? Gather your bridal party and other guests into a party bus and be escorted to your favorite bar in town to continue the party!
7. Boat – Who says all get-away vehicles have to be driven on land. If your venue is on a lake or other body of water, check to see if you can have a boat send off. A send off on the dock will be spectacular and such a sweet memory for you and your guests.

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