How To Make Your Small Wedding Glamorous

//How To Make Your Small Wedding Glamorous

How To Make Your Small Wedding Glamorous


Small Weddings

Did you and your fiancé decide to have a small wedding? There are many reasons for choosing a small wedding. Small weddings allow the event to become more personal with an intimate setting. Not to mention what amount will be saved or made better due to a smaller guest count. Whether the reason was, due to budget or the thought of a more intimate environment; small weddings are becoming the latest trend. We’ve created a list of ways to make your intimate wedding spectacular!

The Ceremony

When you look through wedding pictures, many ceremonies show 100 chairs or more. For a smaller wedding, why not look into seating arrangements other than chairs. Perhaps you are having a small, rustic, countryside wedding. Why not put out hay bales and blankets for your guests. Another option for ceremony would be church pews in an open field for a more conservative wedding. For an intimate wedding, choose to have just a Maid of Honor and a Best Man as your wedding party. With a smaller wedding, you can even get your guests to share special moments that they have shared with the newly weds.

Ceremony Chairs

The Reception Hall

Many banquet halls are equipped to hold events of all sizes, and there are many ways to create a gorgeous room layout while disguising the large size. Ask your venue coordinator if they can section off a portion of the room for your event. Rent sheer fabric and twinkle lights to give your reception a romantic vibe while hiding the empty space. Dim lights will also throw off your guest’s depth perception to the actual room size and will provide that intimacy you desire.

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The Design

Use large centerpieces and décor elements to provide that visual effect. Flowers that are rich in color and luscious in style will give your wedding an elegant touch. A small guest count comes with a small cake. There are many ways to still get that mouth-watering stunning cake factor at your wedding. Rent a fake cake that is specially designed for you and your future spouse. Whether it is themed or a simple swatch of the wedding colors; it allows your planner and design team to display a gorgeous cake for you two to cut for the ceremonial cake cutting during the reception.

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Your Guests

While many friends and family members may give you the cold shoulder for the next year, limiting the guest list may bring you and your fiancé more joy on your wedding day. If getting up in front of a crowd is not your scene; then a smaller wedding is more your style. And for those that you love dearest, you will get to give them the royal treatment. Keeping the guest list small means a better menu, providing luxurious transportation, gift baskets, and the list can go on and on! Even something as small as personalizing each guest’s favor is a small touch that will go a long way for saying thank you for being a part of your special day.

Your wedding day is simply that. You and your fiancé should be able to enjoy the wedding you have pictured. If budget is an issue, don’t cut corners just to have a large crowd. While the party is better in numbers, bringing those that matter most to you will make your wedding day an even better day to cherish.