The Alternative to Floral Centerpieces

//The Alternative to Floral Centerpieces

The Alternative to Floral Centerpieces

While flowers in the center of the table are always a favorite and traditional option for most, sometimes you need to think outside the box – or vase in this case. Perhaps your budget is too small to purchase personal bouquets and centerpieces. Or perhaps the flowers you’ve requested are not available in your wedding colors. While meeting with your wedding planner, discuss various centerpiece options. I’ve had many couples that have opted out of live flowers for their centerpieces and used an alternative such as lanterns and candles. Let’s dig deep into the creativity realm of wedding planning to find the centerpiece that matches your theme, venue style, and budget!


Depending on the time of day, lanterns may be a wonderful choice. For a romantic vibe, add some votive candles around the lanterns. This not only provides dinner light, but it also allows all your guests to get captured within the romance that lingers in the air throughout the night. Lanterns come in all sizes and colors, so there is a style for each event.

Old Books and Pictures

Do you or your fiancé like to read? Use stacks of books for your centerpieces. Want to add a personal touch? Take old photographs of you and your fiancé growing up and put them on top of a book or alongside the stack of books. Your guests will LOVE seeing you both as kids!

Candles and Candelabra’s:

Having an outdoor wedding with a vintage theme? A new trend for 2017 spring weddings are candelabras for your centerpieces! By creating a tall focal point, you can take two or three small vases and place a single stem in each to provide an easy transition between the heights on the table.

Silk Flowers

Although not the top pick for the traditional bride, but silk flowers have their perks as well. If you are concerned about the heat or humidity, silk flowers will not droop! They are sometimes more cost efficient than real stems and you can always have your flower style of choice no matter the season.


Fresh Herbs

Not ready to give up the fresh look on the center of the table? Opt for fresh herbs. Greenery and natural elements are a trend of the year for 2017 weddings. You can use wooden planters for a more rustic look or for a modern twist mix in your wedding colors. These can serve as a favor as well! At the end of the reception offer them to your guests to take home with them!


Still love the idea of flowers? Yeah, me too! One suggestion I give all my clients is splitting the centerpiece designs. As a wedding planner, I love diversity, and your guests will as well. Talk with your planner and your florist about using vases of flowers on half of the tables with an alteration of the lanterns or the old pictures on the other tables. This will cut the price down and give a personal touch for all your guests to enjoy throughout the entire reception.