The Key To Your Seat: Wedding Reception Seating How-to’s

//The Key To Your Seat: Wedding Reception Seating How-to’s

The Key To Your Seat: Wedding Reception Seating How-to’s


There seems to be so many of them while planning your wedding. And let’s be real – everyday each list grows. So why add a seating chart to the reception list? There are many reasons for this addition, and many ways to conquer the seating chart without too much additional stress! Wedding Planning Checklist

So back to the most obvious question – What is the purpose of a seating chart? Will my guests feel incompetent when I assign them a seat? The answer to both: No, your guests will actually be appreciative of you assigning them a designated seat.

Where Do I Sit?

I remember this one wedding I attended as a guest. We were told before entering the reception hall that there were limited seats, so we were to let the elderly and grown-ups sit first. This became very chaotic and awkward for two reasons. 1. When we first entered everyone, I mean everyone, stood around without claiming a seat. 2. After about ten minutes of awkward standing, we were requested to find a seat or place to stand so the newly weds could enter for introductions. Now, I am all for respecting the Bridal party, family, and elderly, but to not have enough seats for everyone without any sign of which tables belonged reserved made for an awful decision on the planner’s part. As a planner, we have seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, there are ways to overcome these awkward situations and prevent the lack of seating for all guests.

The Basics

How to avoid this? A seating chart! Now if you have limited space for actual seats at tables and you want a more cocktail vibe anyway: place “Reserved” signs on each table. Trust me, your guests will understand! They will find a cocktail table to claim while the hor d’oeuvres are being passed. Once the dance hour begins; the only thing they will be looking for is their dance moves.

Avoid Family Tension

You know, Aunt Meredith and Aunt Lisa that haven’t spoken in five years? Yeah, we all have that family quarrel! They may not be close with each other, but you are close with both of them. Or what about stepparents or divorced parents that don’t really get along? Creating a seating chart will give you a reason to ensure they will not be next to each other while they still feel honored for being a part of your special day!

He loves me, he loves me not…

wedding keyAnother plus is being matchmaker. We all have that select group of single friends that attend weddings to wishfully find their own soul mate. So, why not create a little matchmaking at your wedding? Sit your single girlfriends with your fiancés single guy friends and take credit for their marriage in years to come. Let’s face it; the sparklers won’t be the only sparks to fly that night!

Creating a seating chart may seem stressful, but it really isn’t difficult. Check out our cheat sheet here or ask your planner for their advice! They can help coordinate all guests’ RSVP’s and will help you with this step. All of your guests enjoy knowing they have a seat. As a guest, placing their name on a chart or even an escort card shows them how appreciative you are for them to be a part of your wedding day. So, grab that memo pad and your colored pencils, and begin creating your seating chart! We can’t wait to see your unique idea at your wedding!

Until next time, happy planning!