Wedding Planning for the On-the-Go Bride!

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Wedding Planning for the On-the-Go Bride!

Welcome brides (and grooms) to the blog post that will help you plan your wedding! We know you have a full time job, and we know that life has its moments to shine in the spotlight. So, we are providing you with a list of ways to stay organized and conquer your newest “temporary” part time job.

  1. Wedding Planner in RichmondHire a wedding planner. While planning your wedding, you will be taking on an additional 10-15 hours per week to spend finding your vendors, picking out linen colors, choosing a menu,
    and the list goes on! By hiring a wedding planner, you will not only save time each week, but you will be matched with the best vendors in your area. Plus, you will have someone to take on all the heavy work for you; leaving your engagement months to a less stressful chapter.
  2. Research everywhere! There are so many blogs, books, and websites that you can look towards for inspiration. As a planner, we are constantly checking into each site and magazine to find the latest trends to execute the best wedding day ever.
  3. Get organized. This is something you will get from your wedding planner. As a wedding planner, we take ‘to-do lists’ very seriously. Your planner will keep you organized all the way through your “I do’s”. By creating a packet of your vendors, a separate tab for your guest lists (yes, lists), and every other aspect of your wedding in it’s place – you will feel like the most organized human being on the planet.
  4. Delegate! While your planner will handle all the overall logistics, she will always be a fan of delegation. Each vendor has his or her own tasks to create the overall picture. So, have your family join in as well. Bridal party can help you by calming nerves the morning of, providing you with coffee, lunch, and bathroom runs in your dress. Your fiancé can be in charge of the honeymoon.
  5. Day of Coordination and Hiring Professionals. While hiring a planner is the greatest strategy for overcoming the stressfulness of planning your wedding, sometimes the funds just aren’t there. However, there are other options available. Always ensure to leave room in the budget for a Day of Coordinator. She will be a tremendous help before, during, and after the wedding. And as always, hire professional vendors. There is an army of wedding vendors at your fingertips that match your style and budget. Let your favorite uncle enjoy the ceremony as a guest instead of behind the lenses of a camera. Weddings are what these vendors do for a living, so leave the busy work to your wedding planner and professional vendor team!

I promise, these tips are going to make the wedding planning seem so much simpler. Your engagement is supposed to be a joyous time leading to one of the greatest celebrations of your life! So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at 757-784-7661 for our expertise and guidance during the next few months or even the next year of your engagement!

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