Why to hire an outside event coordinator

//Why to hire an outside event coordinator

Why to hire an outside event coordinator

Why you should consider using a professional coordinator instead of a company employee:

Today’s blog post is going to be a bit different. You see, I plan weddings (and absolutely love them!), but I also plan corporate and social events. Many people ask me, “Why would a company hire you; how could you help their business?” Well, I’ve decided to share my secret!

A company’s image is everything. Corporations spend millions a year in marketing to increase customer loyalty. Hosting an event for the employees or the customers is a great way for a company to build it’s loyalty and reputation. Yes, a company could always have one of their employees plan the event; however, there are a couple of downsides to that.

There are many steps in planning an event – whether big or small. What a company doesn’t see is the amount of time their employee will be investing in creating the ultimate party. However, using a professional in the planning industry will allow the event to be planned and executed in a timely fashion because those connections are already established. The appointed employee can now use that time and energy towards their everyday tasks and projects while the event planner does all the planning work.

Just one example…

Last year I contacted a large company asking if they were interested in hiring an event planner for any corporate events. They were having a holiday party, but the branch manager informed us that they were going to be using one of their employees. I sent over some information about our company anyways just in case. I got a call in January from the manager saying that their employee threatened to quit if she was ever forced to plan another event again because she ended up spending over 50 hours planning the event which caused her to fall way behind on her actual work. The manager has already hired us for their Christmas party for next year.

Hiring a professional event planner has numerous benefits including making sure your event is flawless, help you achieve a much greater ROI, great for your company’s image, and can end up saving you money, and headaches.